Birthdays, Unicorns and Rhunicorns.

I’m not sure how my fascination with unicorns began. I’ve never been a ‘pretty in pink, girlie party-dress’ type, and my interest began way before unicorns became trendy.  A few years ago I discovered they were descendants of the rhino, and thought how wonderful that a great, grey lumbering beast could be related to a magical, silvery beauty.

Then I noticed a decoration which had been hanging on my wall for more years than I care to remember. As a young girl, perhaps in my early teens, I had bought it in a witches’ shop in Cornwall whilst on holiday, and as I’m now bus pass age, that was a long while ago!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It was my birthday this week, and I loved how so many of my cards and presents reflected this side of my nature. I now have around twenty unicorn related items, everything from a USB stick to cushions, salt and pepper pots, mugs and ornaments. Who says you have to grow up? 😁 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The unicorn is also the symbol of my publishing company, which is currently running a series of spotlights on the authors involved in the charity anthology ‘When Stars Will Shine.’

Friday was Valentine’s day, and with a little help from my friends, I managed to publish ‘Listen to Love a collection of short stories with love as their central theme, but not necessarily in the traditional sense. 
‘Listen to Love’ Amazon UK
Listen to Love Amazon USA
It’s available now on Amazon, free with Kindle unlimited.

What do you mean, you want a unicorn story? Oh, go on then, count it as my birthday gift to you. Leaving a review on any of my books would make a perfect present for me.  😀 Thank you.

The Rhunicorn.

It wasn’t fair. None of the others in the unicorn park would play with me. I could run as fast as them and loved to play ‘Horns,’ but they said I was too big and rough. Secretly I think they were jealous, just because they were ‘uni-corns’ and I was a ‘bi-corn.’

Okay,  maybe my skin wasn’t quite as silvery as theirs, but it was still sort of grey. After all Mum was black and Dad was white so that made me grey.

I’m sure they were envious of my thick coat, even if it was a bit wrinkled. It was all well and good being sleek, but I bet the midges and flies made their lives a misery. At least I could have a good wallow in a mud bath without worrying about looking unkempt.

One afternoon, I overheard the two-legged animals say they had finally found a new home for me. As they were bundling me into the box I hoped my friends would at least come to say goodbye.

‘Come on Rose, what are you waiting for? You must have been lonely here all on your own.’

I’d forgotten that the others were invisible to the two-legs. After a short drive, we arrived at the new place and I saw the sign above the entrance ‘Welcome to Rynos Oruss Park.’ As I looked round I could see lots of others just like me. No wonder humans didn’t believe in unicorns if they didn’t show themselves having fun.

©December 2015 and February 2020.

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