Birthday bloggers – Summer Changes, Winter Tears

Many years ago I visited the island of Malta, and although I have seen some drastic changes over the  years, it remains in my heart.  ‘Changes,’  told the story of an unadventurous young woman living in London, working in a respectable job,  then deciding to live in Malta when she falls in love with the place and the people.


Unexpected events in my own life gave me time to finish writing the book, and eventually it was published.  Fast forward several years, the publishing contract expired, and having learnt more about the industry I self-published the book under a new title ‘Summer Changes, Winters Tears.’  

 Amazon. Summer Changes link 

Summer changes cover pixels 850 1209 4.11.19 ebook

What do you do if you’re a book blogger and have a birthday coming up? Celebrate by inviting authors to tell you about their books, of course. 😀 Having recently undergone the experience herself, Katrina made the theme for her blog ‘Meeting the family.’  It reminded me of a chapter in my book where the main character is invited to a party. Here she meets for the first time some of the relatives of the man who has stolen her heart.  

You can read about it here:
Katrina Hart blogger post

Thanks, Katie and belated Happy Birthday.

W and P book-cake-15-2-16 for 23.6.19

Since my first attempts at becoming an author, I have written several other books, which you can find here: Amazon author page
but my first-born will always be special. Later this year I will be making a short trip back to Malta, purely for research to write a follow-up of course. Anyone care to join me?

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