Stay positive

Whilst, (I love that word) 😀 others are bored being confined to their home environment, circumstances have meant I’ve lost all my solitary ‘me-time.’ I’m struggling to find a few moments to check emails, yet alone write my usual short stories, market my books, finish my new ones, engage on social media or check on friends when the cleaning/cooking/ washing up/shopping delivery fairies have all gone on strike. Who knew that ‘normal’ life could be so time-consuming?
Male and female cleaning 4.4.20

The dreaded ‘V’ word has put some things into perspective. The stresses of a month ago have faded into insignificance compared to the problems prevalent today. Out of the woodwork have come those ‘nice’ people, perhaps neighbours with whom you’ve previously only had a ‘Good Morning, lovely day’ conversation. Online friends have given up their time and energy to share their talent free of charge as they are unable to pursue their usual shows. Thanks, Redent Falzon.

Juke box Elvis 4.4.20

At first the news seemed the normal ‘click-bate’ to be ignored or laughed at, but thanks to the wonders of the Internet, the reality of the situation from trusted friends all over the world has started to hit home. The drip-feed from government directives, and the practicalities of obtaining a loaf of bread, or access to an A & E for a broken bone, make you believe it’s a nightmare from which you will awake when the alarm goes off, summoning you to start the commuter trek for your boring job.

My heart goes out to those who have suffered a bereavement, due to the virus or merely old age, and are unable to say goodbye to their loved ones, who are denied the comfort of family support during their final hours, or have friends show their respects at a funeral.

The postponed weddings, the pregnant women, the grandchildren hugs, the small businesses who have worked 24/7, and the homeless who have nowhere to ‘self-isolate’ all take on extra relevance. Whether you believe it was all a power conspiracy or nature deciding ‘enough is enough,’ the abomination of those individuals who lick stocks of food so they have to be destroyed, or spit and abuse police or others who are trying to keep order in a crazy word, is unbelievable.

Thankfully, I have never had to live through the two world wars of history, although I’m beginning to have an understanding of the mental trauma suffered by my parents and grandparents. Through their inner strength, community spirit and strength of character they lived to tell the tale, and many of their generation survived to a ripe old age. Will our cosseted next generation display the same fortitude? Time will tell.

On a positive note, until recently the emphasis has been on preservation, wildlife, plastic, recycling, conservation, pollution and similar problems which have inspired disputes about the best way to handle challenges without affecting our traditional way of life. I can’t help thinking nature has decided ‘I’ve tried the easy way and you wouldn’t listen, so now I’ve resorted to showing you how it should be.’

Nature lightening 4.4.20

With the lockdown, there are less cars on the road, flights have been suspended and the air is cleaner. People are resorting to growing their own vegetables, resurrecting the ‘Make do and mend’ mentality, reviving the crafts of home baking, knitting and sewing, working from home with less travel, and although the dolphins in the Venice canals might be false news, it is a nudge in the right direction for our ‘throw-away’ world.

grandma knitting 4.4.20

Should the unbelievable happen, and power cuts become the norm, perhaps the old-fashioned joy of reading books will have a resurgence of popularity. As an author I have a vested interest, but I hope to do my bit by sharing my short stories here and on my Facebook author page.

Voinks Facebook author page

girl reading fantasy 4.4.20

Things are changing so rapidly, by the time you read this blog it might already be out of date, but let’s hope the lessons learned during these uncertain times are remembered when normality resumes, which it will, even if it’s in a different format to the life we previously knew. In Victorian times people were worried about the amount of horse muck polluting the roads, and then cars were invented!

Stay safe, stay positive and remember ‘It’s a wonderful world,’ even if it’s rather scary at the moment.

© Voinks April 2020

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2 thoughts on “Stay positive

    1. Totally agree, Janet, but it seems to be only bad news that sells ‘newspapers.’ 😀 Apart from the odd headline I’ve given up listening to all the doom and gloom, and decided to write my own.
      The peace with so little traffic noise or planes flying overhead, and as you say, far fewer accidents.
      The birds being so noisy.
      The air feeling fresher, and less pollution.
      Wildlife taking back empty spaces.
      Some glorious sunsets, and even the sun shining today.
      Perhaps it’s not such a bad world after all. Take care.

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