Boring blurbs and Books.

One of the joys of being an author is being able to connect with others in the industry. A challenge in one of my writers’ groups was to describe your book in the most boring way possible. The results were hilarious, and surprisingly, some of the shortest and most mundane were intriguing for what they didn’t reveal.

If I said a bloke goes fishing, and catches a bigger fish than he expected, what famous film would it bring to mind? (There was a quick break while I researched to confirm whether a shark is actually a fish.) Who imagined that writing involved a lot more than just stringing some words together. 😀 shark-15.7

Another example might be ‘A guy wakes up and today it’s the same as yesterday.’ Are you beginning to understand the point of this post? The challenge for today is to post your answers in the comments for the two books/films I’ve just described. Double kudos if you’re able to say which was a film based on a book, and which was only written as a film script.

groundhog blurb blog 15.7.20

I’ve never written a film script, but have entered a competition to have the story in one of my books made into a feature film. Back to the research as it’s a totally different set up to writing a novel. I’m not holding my breath but it’s another intriguing avenue in the ‘Aspects’ of writing.

A fellow author posted a relevant comment on my last blog post that it was waffling. Whoops. Guess what I’m doing now? Could I get away with describing it as inspiration? Even writing these few words has already given me several new ideas for stories.

To get back to the point- blurbs are notoriously hard to write. It’s almost easier to write a book than try to come up with a few short, snappy sentences which encourage browsers to buy your book rather than the thousands of others available.

Amazon book links

As something different, I thought it might be fun to write a boring blurb, and to ask your opinion on the proper one to see if it attracts your attention.  I’m happy for you to be as honest as you like. I’ve stocked up on tissues, whisky and chocolate, so go for it. sad blurb blog 15.7.20


Click on the link next to the photos to see the actual blurb.

Boring blurb:  Song titles and stuff. 

Final cover Listen to Love ebook 1 Red, blue, black 3.2.20      Listen to Love


Boring blurb:  A young guy gets fed up at home so moves somewhere else.

Country Boy take 2 Final 25.1.19   Story of a Country Boy


Boring blurb:    It’s cold and raining so she books a holiday.   

Summer changes cover pixels 850 1209 4.11.19 ebook  Summer Changes, Winter Tears


Boring Blurb:   A couple meet but then part company.

ABC final ebook cover 13.8.18  ABC Destiny


Boring blurb:  A woman replies to an email she received.

Spirit of Technology 30.7.17  Spirit of Technology.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this slightly different fun way of looking at the joys of writing. I’d love to hear your comments. Thanks for being here and see you next week.

© Voinks July 2020



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