Character interview – Narrator ‘Spirit of Technology.’

Welcome back. This week’s interview is with the main female character from ‘Spirit of Technology.’

To prepare the questions I intended to ask, I briefly read the book again, and to my surprise realised she is never named. Admittedly it’s a fairly short book, and spoken in her voice, but I’m amazed reviewers never mentioned it as being unusual.

‘Hello, Narrator and welcome. In the book there are plenty of descriptions of the man who came into your life, but you are never named. Didn’t you find that odd?’

‘Not at all. It’s my story of the unusual circumstances surrounding my meeting with Andy, and if you think about it, how often do you call family and friends by their name? You might occasionally use a term of endearment, but mostly it’s only when you are talking about them to other people.’

‘That’s very true. I’d never thought of it that way before. Tell me a little about yourself. Did you have a steady boyfriend before you met this one?’

‘I’m an ordinary girl with an ordinary job who enjoys socialising. I’ve had a few boyfriends in the past but nothing serious. One of the things which spooked me was how he seemed to know everything about me, even what had happened at work or which restaurant I went to.’

‘How did you first meet Andy?’

‘I “knew” him for some time before we first met. With the advent of social media, and particularly with the current restrictions caused by the virus, it seems it’s easier to know more about someone you’ve never met than your closest friends have ever revealed about themselves.’

‘Did you like him straight away?’

‘To be honest, I didn’t know what to think. If you see a profile image on a dating web site it can show a hot 30-something male, who in reality is a lecherous creep, old enough to be your grandfather. There are so many scams on the Internet, it could have been a ploy to access my bank details and clear it out while someone else was flattering me online. You can’t be too careful these days.’

‘But you still opened his first email, even though you didn’t know him.’

‘Yes, which is something I never do. It must have been instinct telling me he was genuine. My grandmother was the seventh daughter of the seventh son, so perhaps some had rubbed off onto me.’

‘So you never had any qualms about meeting him.’

‘On the contrary, I was suspicious, especially when he seemed to know my every move. I truly thought either he was a stalker, or it was one of my friends winding me up.’

‘Did he give away much about his own life? What persuaded you to continue the relationship?’

‘He told me a lot about his early upbringing and his life as a young man. As an only child, he was left to his own devices, but his father was a big influence on him. Although at first some of the things he said seemed too fantastic to believe, in the end he convinced me it was all true.’

‘Why do you think he picked you out?’

‘Two reasons, no, perhaps three. He had seen my photo and admitted he had a penchant for blue-eyed blondes. My heritage probably made me more receptive to accept the bizarre, and I was actually living in the house he once owned, so it made the connection easier.’

‘What was your first reaction when you met him? Did he live up to your expectations?’

‘He was gorgeous, charming and a fount of knowledge about the old days. Although I’d call myself a modern girl, I’ve always been interested in recent history and I found his conversation fascinating. His technical knowledge was better than mine, despite his theoretical age.’

‘That sounds intriguing. How old was he when you met in real life?’

‘It depends on how you calculate it, but you could say thirty-five, a few years older than me.’

‘Are you sure he wasn’t a ghost, or you were just having a dream.’

‘I’m 100% sure. As he would say “laughing out loud emo.” He was definitely real, but you’ll have to read the book to discover how I know for certain.’

© Val Portelli October 2020


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