From writer to YouTube star –‘Val’s Tales.’

As there are only a few weeks left in what has turned out to be a crazy year, it seems appropriate to think back to how it all began.

A freak accident some years ago left me with a shattered leg, but although unable to walk, I was able to type sitting propped up in bed. With time on my hands, I finished writing my first book which was later accepted for publication.

As a naïve first-time author, I despaired when my manuscript was returned drowned in red pen. Once I’d finished feeling sorry for myself, I looked through the editor’s comments and realised it wasn’t as bad as it looked. Use commas correctly, delete repeated words and it was actually quite a good story.

What I didn’t realise was the importance of marketing. I thought the publishers took care of all that, and although I submitted some suggestions, I assumed I would write, they would sell, and we would all live happily ever after.

It didn’t quite work out like that, but the original paperback still has pride of place on my bookshelf. That’s my book! Although I was able to return to work on a restricted basis, my second career was born. Six books and entries in three anthologies later, I know a lot more about publishing but still need a magic unicorn to teach me about marketing. The theory isn’t a problem, only putting it into practice.

Achievements so far include having a dedicated author page on Amazon, writing several hundred short stories for my Facebook author page, being on Twitter, learning to proofread, making good friends amongst the writing community and setting up a web site and blog. Sincere thanks to everyone who joins me each week; you help to keep me motivated.

What’s next?

I’m an author who publishes books and writes short stories.
My sister is an actress and voice-over artist.
My niece has been involved in the world of theatre.

‘Audio is the future,’ we said.
’Let’s start a YouTube channel,’ we said.
‘It’ll be fun,’ we said.

Another huge learning curve but the reason today’s blog is late is because we’ve been at the studio rehearsing the intros. Previous socially distanced efforts sounded as if I was on Mars, Wendi was on Venus, and Jaz the other side of the moon. Now it’s down to the techie people to put it all together but Val’s Tale’s will produce their first storycast later this week.

At some stage we might even release the outtakes, which were hilarious but needed a few bleeps. Well, what do you expect? We’re all from the same family so we’re allowed to tease and bicker.

As a thank you from Santa, anyone subscribing to our channel in the first two podcasts before Christmas will be entered into a competition for a small prize. This will be something other than a socially distanced hug, which we’re sending to you all as a thank you for supporting us.

Don’t forget to check YouTube later this week for Val’s Tales, subscribe to our channel and let us have your feedback. Despite all the setbacks, it’s finally happening.

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