Ectoplasmic Rage

The latest storycast in the ‘Val’s Tales’ You Tube series has now been released and you can listen to it here:

I love this one. 😀

Various things contributed to me writing the story, including finding objects not where you left them, mobiles switching off mid-conversation, and the way everything these days relies on sending waves through the ether. A few years ago, I accompanied a friend when she took her young children to order a McDonald’s meal. It was no longer a case of giving their order to someone standing behind a counter, but…well, perhaps I’ll let the narrator explain it.

No wonder inanimate objects are fighting back. Have a listen and see what you think.

We’re trying to provide a variety of topics and the next scheduled story is very different. Don’t forget to sign up to the channel (link below) for advance notice of when it will be released, and thanks for joining us on this journey.

Once restrictions allow, the team hope to be able to get together in person and improve the site, so comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Thanks for keeping us company. Whoops, have we just added to the Ectoplasmic Rage?

© Val Portelli January 2021


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