Competition winner

Despite everything the gremlins could throw at us, using modern technology we have a winner for our ‘Val’s Tales’ You Tube subscriber’s competition. Yeah!

The winner of the paperback by Val Portelli, selected by a random number generator is

Drum roll…..

Donna Carroll.

Congratulations, Donna. Yes, this is England, and yes it is January, and yes there was sunshine. 😀

Donna was one of the first subscribers to the channel so a worthy winner.

In view of postage costs, we initially restricted the competition to the UK, but hey, rules are meant to be broken. We had so many other entries from all over the world, I’ve made a managerial decision (don’t tell Jaz or Wendi in case they yell at me) and I’ve decided to offer a second prize to an international winner.

GB Miller, please get in touch and we’ll arrange for an ebook to cross the pond.

Signing up as a subscriber means you will be notified of when the next storycast is released, and we might even run another competition later in the year.

Don’t forget you can also find us on Twitter and Instagram. All the links are below and thank you so much for helping us make ‘Val’s Tales’ such a success.


2 thoughts on “Competition winner

  1. Well done Val, your comp was successful and I bet you’re glad it’s over – for now.
    I must confess. I did spend a little time looking at the two ladies with large pectoral embellishments but didn’t dare click on the link.
    Seriously though, is it worth advertising on your blog? And if so, could you point me in the right direction about ladies with ??? ????


    1. Apart from the three ladies in the logo and our prize winner, Rick there were no others on the blog. It would seem anything else you saw was advertising based on your research history. 😀
      Interesting though how you never know what others see. Thanks for the feedback.


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