Val’s Tales – Not fade away

Our overseas competition winner, GB Miller has selected ‘Story of a County Boy’ and a copy is winging its way across the pond.

With all the excitement of the prize draw I forgot to mention the storycast for Not Fade away.

Before you follow the link to listen, you might need to have the tissues handy. I love the Rolling Stones record but the subject matter of the story could cause upset.

Our narrator, Wendi is doing a fantastic job with my stories, but this is the first time we have ‘heard’ the story with different voices. Her original recording was more Sarf London, whereas in my mind the main character had a refined voice. With this version, I think she has captured the lady in my imagination beautifully.


If you were reading the story, how would you hear the voice?

With ‘Val’s Tales’ we are trying to provide a variety of content with the humorous, serious and downright daft. Thanks for being here, and feel free to comment with your favourites.

Next up is another serious subject, but don’t expect a sloppy story for Valentine’s day – we’re looking at a fun one. Sign up to ensure you don’t miss any announcements of our broadcasts.

Thanks for being here, and see you next week.

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