If anyone asks and Listen to Love

This week’s story on our YouTube channel is on the serious subject of bullying.
It can take many forms, and doesn’t always include a black eye or a broken arm.


You might wonder why the person being bullied doesn’t go to the police, or simply leave. Chip away at someone’s confidence for long enough and they will end up unable to think for themselves, and believing the bully is always right and they are at fault.

Then there are the practicalities of where would they go and what would they do? It might seem easier to put up with it rather than face being homeless and destitute. The fear of a life on the streets compared with the comparative safety of a warm house with food on the table could seem the better option. What if there are children involved? Even a supportive family might not realise the true extent of the gradual sinking into despair. Bullies frequently have a double character – the charming side seen by the world at large, and the raging monster behind closed doors.

It’s easy to think there’s no way out, but I would urge anyone in this position to contact one of the charities or agencies available. They will take you seriously, and even talking it over with a supporter might help you see your options more clearly.

On a far happier note, we are coming up to Valentine’s day when the price of roses triples overnight, and with the exception of Christmas, more cards are sold than at any other time. Love takes many forms, and this collection of short stories based on song titles explores several aspects. Available on Amazon now, but don’t expect them all to be sloppy or romantic; you could be in for some surprises. 


Thanks for visiting and see you next week.

© Val Portelli February 2021





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