Val’s Tales and Bed of Roses

Here in the UK, we’re still under restrictions but the immunisation roll-out seems to be on target. Fingers crossed an end is in sight.

When we started our YouTube channel ‘Val’s Tales’ we recorded various intros for the different stories in a home studio with proper equipment, giving us enough for a few months of storycasts. It’s amazing how time flies, and although we have a few in hand, the team are currently investigating other options in case the virus prevents us revisiting the studio to record for the future.

It’s been a fascinating experience, and I’ve loved hearing my stories come to life with the narration. The technicalities are beyond me, but we’re learning as we go and I hope you are enjoying them. Please consider signing up to our YouTube channel and spreading the word to make all their hard work worthwhile. Thank you.

Following the link will also give you the opportunity to catch up on any you might have missed.

Today’s offering is ‘Bed of Roses.’ In case you don’t know the expression, it’s often used in a negative sense such as life not being a bed of roses when everything goes wrong. With Spring finally looking as if it’s on the way, (apologies to my International friends who are knee-deep in snow, howling gales and torrential rain), daffodils and crocus are peeping their heads through to brighten our spirits. It won’t be long before Summer is here in all its glory, with the scent of roses filling the balmy air.

As I’m typing this, my eyes drifted towards the dozen red roses sitting on my desk, a welcome Valentine’s/birthday gift. I’ll leave you to decide which, 😉 or perhaps I should just let you listen to the story.

Thanks for joining us and see you next week with news of the written word, rather than the listening ones. We like to mix and match and are happy to be guided by your preferences.

Toodle pip. Don’t you just love these old expressions. Feel free to comment with any other weird and wonderful ones. In case you haven’t guessed, I love words.

© Val Portelli February 2021


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