New release ‘Alderslay.’

Trumpet blowing time.

Finally my latest book has been released after years of trials and tribulations and is now available on Amazon. You can place an order now and it will be delivered to your Kindle on the release date 3rd March. If you prefer to read paperbacks, this option should be available around the same day, if not before.

Since I started writing seriously, there’s one thing I’ve learnt about the wider author community- they’re the best ever! This includes book bloggers who share details of new releases to their own followers, or other older books they’ve read and enjoyed.

To receive the comment a blogger was ‘Gobsmacked’ put me in a happy tizz for hours. It was only when I explained to a non-English friend the meaning of the word, I realised it can be used in both a positive and negative way. Fingers crossed.

Fellow authors are invaluable for offering advice on how to overcome problems when they have been faced with the same challenges. If you’ve ever thought ‘I should write a book,’ it’s best to join a writers’ group to get an idea of what is involved, and make sure the booze cupboard is fully stocked.

An elderly relative, phoning to ask how I was, made me realise unless you have been involved in the publication of a book you might have little idea how much is actually involved. When I explained I had been busy publishing my latest book, his response, ‘That’s good, what have you been doing for the rest of the week?’ really brought it home. Although I have released other books in between, this one has taken several years since the first inspiration until final production.

Finally there are those who are ‘only’ readers – without you authors would be crying in the wind. Leaving a review of a book you have enjoyed sprinkles authors with fairy dust and motivates them more than you will ever realise.

I’m often told, ‘I’m a reader, not a writer. I don’t know what to say.’

The only taboo is giving away ‘who dunnit’ and spoiling the book for other readers. Anything else is valuable, even ‘I liked it.’ Imagine you are talking to a friend about a book you have just read, and know they are thinking of buying it. What would you say to them? That’s the perfect review.


It’s been a busy few weeks for new releases and I’m delighted to share a couple of very different genre options.

Paula Harmon – Murder Saturnalia.
Ancient Rome shenanigans

Kate Rigby – The colour of Wednesday
LGBTQ/Literary fiction

If you are an author following the blog and have a book due out, email me on and I’ll try to practice what I preach and give you a shout-out. I’m also happy to receive other comments on this address, but with something like 50 notifications a day don’t expect an immediate response. It takes me an hour or so merely to clear and block the junk mail. Anything else, I’d love to hear from you.

The one thing an author should never say is ‘Buy my book,’ but if you’ve stuck with me this far here’s the link again where you can buy my book. Thank you. 

I might have stopped bouncing by next week, and be able to come up with something different, but there again…..

© Val Portelli February 2021


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