World story telling Day- Blandford Festival

This weekend is World Storytelling day. To celebrate the occasion Blandford Literary festival have organised an online production on Facebook with authors providing videos of themselves reading short stories, poetry, extracts from their books and a myriad (told you I loved that word) of all things literary.

Circumstances prevented me from producing my own video for my latest book ‘Alderslay’ or perhaps I was just being nice to you and sparing you from possible nightmares. 😉

Sincere thanks to my professional narrator Wendi Walker for filling in at the last minute with a reading from the book. You can listen in here, free, gratis and for nothing.

Another old (not in the literal sense) author and good friend Paula Harmon has done a marvellous reading of a short story concerning magical creatures skittering around in her airing cupboard. Check it out, it’s brilliant and the perfect excuse for those who are housewifely challenged and prefer to be reading or writing.

It also introduced me to someone I’d never heard of before (networking at its best) and directed me to a snippet under construction by Rowan Carmichael, who is better known as an artist but is developing her first book which sounds intriguing.

Social media is a funny thing. Whether it be Twitter, Facebook, blogs, web sites, Instagram or doo-dah thingies you begin to recognise ‘names’ and either feel you are on the same wavelength and would be happy to be cyber friends, or instinct has your finger reaching towards the block button. I’ve been fortunate in that it has put me in touch with some wonderful people.

Typical gremlin luck that when everything is coming together, I won’t be around for a few weeks to share but be prepared to be inundated when I come out the other side.

As always, thanks for being here, and I promise not to object if in my absence my book becomes a best seller. Just think, you will be able to say to the cab driver ‘I knew her when…’

© Val Portelli March 2021

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