Changes and More Changes

Being an author involves wearing many different hats, and with future changes afoot I started thinking back to how it all began. Perhaps it was no coincidence my first book was called ‘Changes.’

As a total newcomer to the publishing world, I assumed every author used a pen-name, so a family nickname became my new persona. Unlike the title of the book, (it never occurred to me to check if others had used the same title), my pen-name was unique. Having set up all my social media under the name ‘Voinks’ I eventually had the task of changing everything when I realised it was not memorable or easy to find.

They say write about what you know, and much of the book now published as ‘Summer Changes, Winter Tears,’ is set in Malta where I was a regular visitor until my accident made travelling difficult. Although it is classed as romantic fiction, many of the descriptions are of real places and events. Even the building in the original cover is from a genuine palace which sadly became neglected and abandoned, although I believe there are now plans to restore it to some of its former glory.

As a newbie I had no idea of marketing (I still haven’t), but when my first book didn’t become the world’s best-seller, the publishers returned all my rights and I bought up the remaining paperback copies. Over the years, times and fashions change and although the story remained the same (apart from a few tweaks), I re-released it under my own imprint with a new cover, a new title and a new author name.

To tie in with the first book, the second was to be called Murder of Changes, but after being left on the backburner for many years, it was finally released recently under the title Alderslay.’

Meanwhile, a new publisher picked up my next book ‘ABC Destiny’ which again was published under my original pen name. The intervening years had seen the enormous growth of digital books, and once these contracts had expired this book underwent the same transformation with a new cover and author, new formats but maintaining the same title.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is abc-destiny-cover-24-9-15.jpg

What further changes lie ahead?

As some of you might know, I have a YouTube channel entitled ‘Val’s Tales’ where you can listen to audio versions of some of my short stories. The Team are currently looking into setting up podcasts, so more news on that as it progresses (which roughly translates as I haven’t got a clue so I’m leaving it all to them.)

Meanwhile you can listen to any stories you might have missed by clicking here:

Apart from that, with so many options of short stories, new books to write, follow-ups to series, newsletters, publicity interviews, Facebook, blogs, Twitter, the prospect of the world opening up again and predicting how books might change in the future, including releasing my existing books in audio versions, I might just make a coffee and get on with writing the next one.

Thanks for listening and see you next week.

© Val Portelli May 2021

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