I’ve been trying to handle so many different things lately, I feel I’ve joined the circus.

First up was assisting an elderly friend with some government on-line form filling. Name, address, mobile telephone number all quite straightforward – or so I thought. To confirm identity a code was sent to the mobile number which then has to be entered into the online form. Unfortunately, the phone is very basic, purely designed to receive and make phone calls, so we couldn’t access the code. Cancel and start again? Nope. Due to a glitch in the system, everything else can be deleted but that telephone number has a permanent place in the ether.

The only alternative was to print out 40 sheets of paper the old fashioned way, so obviously the ink cartridges ran out and needed replacing. I had some new ones ready but to load them involves catching cyber waves which then involves reconnecting with the original waves which are no longer in synch because there’s an R in the month (actually, there isn’t.)

Secondly, we needed some more stories for ‘Val’s Tales.’ This is the generic name for the free short story series, which was originally in a written format, but is now available in audio. As well as YouTube the show has also been launched as a podcast on Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Amazon music and Podbean. You can find it by searching Val’s Tales on any of those platforms. Luckily, the team were handling the logistics of recording and uploading, so my job was just to come up with the tales. Simple, I thought. I’ll dig some out, quick check for typos and cross it off the list as done.

Except I didn’t want to just repeat old stories, so I needed to confirm what had already been published where. This was the signal for the laptop system to decide it needed an update, and everything to freeze while I watched a circle half-heartedly roll round and round and round. Had it crashed, or was it still doing its thing? While I was waiting I thought I’d make a coffee which reminded me to add to the shopping order, which of course I couldn’t because it’s on the laptop which is still revolving aimlessly.

Wait, we have action, something’s moving, as if it’s finished doing what it has to do so I can get on. Cue elderly relative phoning for a chat, and ignoring my pleas to be able to phone him back so I can meet various deadlines. Never mind, let him talk for a while, it’s only once a week or so. Finally say goodbye when he runs out of steam and try to remember what I was doing an hour ago? What? That can’t be the time already!

Still, at least I’ve written my Sunday blog post. What do you mean, it’s Monday? A bank holiday and for once the sun is shining, so I can sit outside and catch some rays. Except I can’t because the gardener turns up to mow the lawn. He’s finished now so I’ll find the cushions for the garden chair. Good grief, they’re filthy. I remember now, they were caught in that thunderstorm the last time we had a bit of sunshine. While I’m washing them, I might as well strip the spare bedroom covers. Last time I looked they were thick with dust. Right, washing machine going, quick cup of coffee, upload my blog, then make the most of the sun while it lasts. It’s too bright out for my Kindle but I can finish off that paperback I started.

‘Preview post’ – yes, that looks OK, and ‘Publish.’ Oh no, I forgot since they made it new and improved if I use Preview it comes up with a message saying I’m not authorised. Weird, as it lets me add and amend it all in the first place. Close down and log out. That sometimes works, or should I just forget the whole thing? Would anyone really notice or be bothered?

Probably not but I don’t like being defeated by inanimate objects. One more go then I’ll give up and sit in the garden after I’ve emptied the washing machine and put the oven on for the slow roast. If I feed the animals now I won’t have to get up again.

That’s odd. Why has it gone so dark out? That can’t be the time! At the third stroke it will be Tuesday and another day lost.

See you next week.

© Val Portelli May 2021

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