It’s been rather a stressful week and I realised I had nothing prepared for my usual weekly blog. On one of my writers’ forums, we were discussing names, and it reminded me of Delphine from ABC Destiny. I thought I might write a little about her then discovered I did that almost exactly a year ago. She was English with a French mother, and part of the story is set in France.

A year before that, it was a short story with a Mediterranean setting called ‘Take me with you.’

Curious now, I checked back a further year and discovered another short story, although this time the locations were heaven and hell.

Going back another year I discovered that was the time I was writing my 5 Random words series. This was where I was given 5 words which I had to use in a short story. The setting for this one happened to be the woods and countryside as one of the words was Naturist.

Prior to that I’d asked my mother to suggest a theme for one of my short stories. She came up with fish swimming in the sea, with chips! Now you know where I get my weird ideas from.

And finally, I’d try to show off my prowess with a camera. Well, we can’t be good at everything. 😀

The next priority is to work on the second book in my Country Boy series which seems to be forever on the back burner. It’s called ‘Son of a Country Boy’ and perhaps doing an interview with the main character might help me get it finished and published.

So there we have it – Character interviews, short stories, 5 Random words, and the occasional update on my books. Let me know if you have a preference and I’ll try to oblige. Thanks as always for dropping by, and see you again next week with something new and hopefully exciting.

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