You should write a book

How many times have you heard that? After all, it’s easy, right? You put some words down on paper or laptop, find a publisher, or self-publish and sit back waiting for the royalties to roll in and make you rich. Easy, peasy. Er no, not quite.

Anyone who has seriously tried to publish a book will know you have to learn about editing, formatting, cover design, newsletters, agents, going wide or exclusive, eBooks, audio, hardback and paperback options. You have to find beta readers and ARC readers, proof-readers, decide on bleed or no bleed, margins and lay-out, styles and headings, dedications and copyright.

Sometimes it seems the easiest part is actually writing the book, and then you have to think about marketing and publicity. Which platform should you use? Should you be on Facebook or Twitter? Is it necessary to have a newsletter? How often should you release it? Should you have a blog and/or a web site. How likely are readers to follow links?

https://www. youtube. com/watch?v =B0TK qau Mcw0

Just testing. How many of you actually clicked the link to see what it was? Your comments whether you did or didn’t would make interesting feedback, which I will explain later.

This is something of a test post to try and gauge the type of content readers like to see. I believe I asked a similar question previously, and a fellow blogger indicated it was a short story published well over a year previously, which was quite surprising.

What do you enjoy most?

Discussions regarding the craft and practicalities of being an author.

Short stories.

A story divided into parts and split over several weeks.

Book reviews.

Guest blogs.

Q & A and interviews.

Snippets and background from my own books.

A fellow author suggested having an interview with some of the characters from my books so that might be something for next week. Other suggestions are always welcome.

In case you were wondering what the link above was, it’s the latest audio short story from You Tube called ‘Partners in Murder.’ The link above didn’t work as I deliberately made an error to stop the description coming up. Sorry about that. 😀

See you next week, and thanks as always for your support.

2 thoughts on “You should write a book

  1. I checked out your link Val – Episode 17.
    I guess everyone is going to be interested in different content. I have been listening to podcasts that a lot of bloggers have got into recently. It’s bringing their writing to life. You already do that with your YouTube series.
    Here are a couple of WordPress bloggers which have been started in recent weeks/months and they seem to be getting really into podcasting:

    Dave – Juliet Jones Comic Strips:



    1. Thanks for checking it out, Jacob. Another author friend mentioned she wouldn’t follow a link until she was on her home ‘safe’ laptop, rather than her phone which is something I’ve never considered. I’ll have a look at the two you’ve suggested. Sharing is caring. 😀


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