Books and Twitter and a little bit of everything

I know I said I might do a character interview but there’s been so much happening on the book and podcast front, I thought it better to delay it for a week.

By coincidence, two items this week relate to books and lockdown, and two to foxes.

In the Summer, Nikki Vallance did a series of live online podcasts with various authors. To coincide with the anniversary of the publication of her own book Pivotal she’s running a Twitter feature of the various authors involved where she asked the question:

‘What do you wish you’d known before you started writing?’

I use Facebook quite happily but tend to get lost with Twitter, so this is a screenshot.

Chantelle Atkins and Sim Alec Sansford work together on a CIC called Chasing Driftwood. A CIC is a Community Interest Company where any money raised from sales is reinvested into the CIC to fund future writing projects and the next publication.

Stay Home -A Year of Writing Through Lockdown has just been published, and I was delighted to contribute an essay to this very worthy cause. You can buy the book here:…/dp/B09HVB6SZ6

The Val’s Tales podcasts on YouTube and other channels continue to go from strength to strength even if I do sound as if I’m 150 years old on the latest intro. 😀 I was trying not to babble so went into almost s..l..o..w motion instead. Hopefully my writing skills are better than my narration.

As you might know, I have various foxes visiting my garden and although I’m not a children’s story writer normally, I had to rise to the challenge. Have a listen to ‘Lucy Fox’ and see what you think.

By coincidence, I’ve been beta reading a book by fellow author, Paula Harmon, called ‘Death in the Last Reel’ in which the man character is named Fox. It’s due for release before Christmas and is part of her Margaret Demeray series.

Well that just about rounds it up for this week. Hope to see you again next Sunday when you can meet the inimitable TJ. Thanks for dropping by.

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