Country Boy synopsis

Who remembers the song ‘Kentucky Rain’ by ‘Elvis’ when the old men say ‘Was it yesterday, no wait, the day before?’

‘Story of a Country Boy’ was actually released on my birthday and the intention was the follow-up ‘Son of a Country Boy’ would be done and dusted by now. It’s my birthday next month and it would have been fun if the sequel was released on the same day, was it last year? No wait, two years before. Unbelievable!

It wasn’t totally wasted time as I had submitted it for an international film project. It’s not unusual for these things to take a year or more before a final decision is made, and during the process it’s normal to be restricted in what you are allowed to publicise. It didn’t win, and I had almost forgotten about it until a chance meeting with someone I haven’t seen for years brought back memories. She mentioned she intended to buy the book for reasons I won’t go into, but it made me wonder why the second book in the series was such hard going when the first flowed easily.

I can’t blame writer’s block as I’ve produced plenty of short stories and other books in between. Away from the writing world, I was feeling frustrated from the hassle of getting a simple answer to what used to be a straight-forward request for house repairs, doctor’s calls etc. It seemed impossible to cross things off my TBD list and instead I was forever carrying them forward. It’s not just Covid but times have changed, which is perhaps why I feel the way of life behind the original book might be difficult to understand for the modern generation. Perhaps I’m just scared I might be classed as an historical writer.

This is where the followers of my blog come in. Whatever your age I would really appreciate your input. All and any comments would be welcome. Thanks.

Here’s part of the synopsis of the original book. Does it interest you? If not, why not? Age warning – appropriate for over 18s.


TJ feels he is destined for greater things than delivering bread from his father’s bakery to the troops stationed in Malta during the 1960s. Despite his youth and being illiterate, he blags his way into the soldiers’ company and receives a different kind of education, which makes him yearn for the freedom of swinging London, with girls unchaperoned by elderly aunts.

His father despairs of his wayward son, and rather than face the shame of TJ being imprisoned for petty theft, pays his passage to England. Delighted at the chance to escape to a new life, TJ discovers the streets are not paved with gold, and living with his cousin’s harridan of a wife has the same restrictions as living in an insular village.

Wandering the streets of Soho, he hears his own language spoken and lands himself a job in a sleezy nightclub. Life is good, he has money in his pocket, and the girls adore him, but the cost of living and expensive designer clothes soon fritter away his meagre savings.

Sweeping floors and running errands might pay the bills but doesn’t bring the respect TJ feels is his due. Gambling and illegal activities allow him to meet the commitments of his growing family, but could Sarah, a ripe sixteen-year-old English beauty offer more?

As always. Thanks for reading. See you next week.

© Val Portelli January 2022

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