Valentine’s Day – Bed of Roses

Followers of my blog probably realise I write a lot of short stories. The general opinion is novels sell better than short stories which I find quite surprising in today’s hectic world. I personally enjoy reading them, and assuming people’s attention span is shorter than it was when I was a child, it would make sense for busy lives to commit ten or fifteen minutes for a complete story, instead of several hours for a standard book.

February is a very important month even if it’s not a leap year, (which it feels as if it should be for 2022.) It’s the month when flower sellers are their busiest, (pure coincidence it’s my birth month) and when men everywhere panic as they realise they’ve left Valentine’s day until the last minute. This is an early warning system to keep you out of the dog house by placing an order now for ‘Listen to Love.’

It’s a collection of short stories based on song titles and with a love theme, but not confined to the lovely-dovey, sloppy over-sentimental hype, so be prepared for some surprises. There might be one or two of the Aarr, cute kittens and puppies variety, but there are also some Oh! didn’t expect that.

Here’s a short extract from one of the stories, ‘Bed of Roses.’

That’s what he promised me. The good-looking charmer who left silly notes on my desk to make me smile. As the newbie in the office I assumed the other women were jealous of the attention he was paying me, and ignored their snide comments. He was everything a girl could ask for; tall, good looking, generous, funny and romantic.

He hit on me from the very first day, but not in a smarmy way. He seemed popular with all the staff, and I assumed he was including me in the banter to make me feel at home.

‘Hey, Rose. You’re joining us down the pub tonight, aren’t you? Payday tradition, last Friday of the month. If you give me one of your beautiful smiles, I might even buy you a drink from my hard-earned wages.’

I’ll leave you to guess the sub-genre for this one, but if you do buy the book, I’d love to know which was your favourite story. Would you deem it a suitable gift for the special someone in your life? (especially if that someone is yourself.) 😀

© Val Portelli January 2022

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