Books, blogs and marketing.

When I started my blog, the idea was to bombard you with Buy my books’ messages so you all rushed out and bought them. That way I would be rich and famous and could sit around all day writing, which is what I love to do.

It didn’t quite turn out that way and in fact, I realised I don’t often mention my own books. (Sincere thanks to the book bloggers who do!) I’m probably more active on Facebook where my personal Friday night chat with friends has produced some unexpected results in book sales. It would be interesting to know how many of the blog followers have actually read anything I’ve written, but it’s quite amusing that I have to go onto Amazon every now and then to remind myself what I’ve actually published.

In case you’re wondering, this is the link I use which should be international and take you to your own Amazon site.

I do try to make my procrastination useful, and regularly follow experts in marketing, cover design, ‘How To’ etc, but at the end of the day my heart isn’t in marketing. My books will probably languish with millions of others which are excellent, but nobody knows they exist.

Recently a fellow local author approached me to see if I would be interested in helping him with a project he had in mind. The virus has had a devastating effect on many local businesses, and even though things are gradually getting back to normal, consumers have had to tighten their belts so there is less money available for treats such as eating out, going to the pub, or even buying books to take on the annual holiday which has been impossible for a couple of years. His idea was to encourage people to shop locally to help small businesses in their recovery, at the same time as having one of them host a book event to actually try and sell some paperbacks.

I’d become acquainted with several local authors from the book fair organised by the council just before Christmas, but was surprised at the response from other authors when I put a call out on the local forum to get an idea of initial interest. The replies were quite surprising, and what was even better was that several of the people who responded had seen my post because their friends had tagged them. That is marketing at its best but with actually no idea what I’m doing, I seem to have become partly responsible for holding a book event in late Spring/early Summer. Thankfully, a few of the responses were ‘I’m a local author – shout if you need some help.’

In case you’re wondering, I live in England, not in a small village but in London, although a hundred yards up the road you’d be in what used to be categorised as Kent. To make life even more interesting, some years ago I had an accident which means my mobility is severely restricted, and I can’t walk further than a few yards. How am I doing for the sympathy vote? No, thought not.

It can be frustrating at times but my life is a doddle compared to so many others. It’s odd because I’ve never liked speaking on the phone, but email, social media, blogs and zoom I can waffle for England. Whoops, I just did.

This was intended to be an information pitch for one of my books. Initially I thought of ‘Summer Changes’ as we are heading into the summer months, except it was snowing today. You couldn’t make it up.

As I put words on paper, or rather letters onto a Word document, I realised I’m probably closest to ‘Spirit of Technology.’ Even though I shouldn’t say so as I wrote it, I like this one. It’s a fairly short, fun read with a hint of technology, romance, and ancient history.

Buy my books, buy my books. Oh alright then, don’t but I wouldn’t object if you had a quick peek, and even better let me know if it appealed or why it didn’t. Feedback, feedback.

More next week, and knowing someone is listening makes it all worthwhile. Thank you.

© Val Portelli April 2022.

5 thoughts on “Books, blogs and marketing.

  1. Lynne Asbury

    I love your books. I have yet to figure out the twist at the end. I’ve come close once or twice but that’s all 😄 Those who haven’t read your tales are missing out on an excellent read.


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