The Making of ‘Weird and Peculiar Tales.’

This was originally intended as a Facebook post but for various reasons has ended up as a blog post instead. Here is a little of the background to how Weird and Peculiar Tales came about.

I first ‘met’ my co-author Paula around six years ago through an online writing site. We seemed to be pretty much on the same wavelength, and from commenting on each other’s posts we progressed to private emails which developed into a friendship. It was odd how we knew each other so well, but as she lived in Dorset and I lived in London we had never met in person. Occasionally she had to come up to town for work, and we arranged she would come to my house for a meal. The hotel she was booked into overnight was only about ten minutes away, but the actual location was rather confusing.

Cue Messenger messages -‘Where are you?’

‘Heading in your direction, I think.’

‘No, you’re not, you’re going away from me. Turn round and come back to where you started.’

Eventually a knock at the door and I led an exhausted lady into the conservatory where the wine was ready and waiting. It was only when we were on our second glass, we realised we had never actually spoken in person before and got the giggles as we introduced ourselves.

We had both written a lot of short stories, and after an intelligent discussion about whether dragons were better than unicorns, (I blame the fact she had lived in Wales for a while) one of us came up with the idea of writing a book together. It was something neither of us had done before, but we slipped fairly easily into our roles of me collating and doing the admin, Paula responsible for the cover design, and both proof reading each other’s contributions.

Our first royalty cheque I made the payment into her bank for her share, the second we blew on a meal in a restaurant with a couple of bottles of wine. (Are you beginning to see why we are compatible?)

Some of the stories are fun, (think elf in an airing cupboard brandishing a mascara,) some are sad, and as the blurb says, the stories produce a roller-coaster of emotions.

Here’s the link:

If you’ve read the book, please consider leaving a review. They are like gold dust in helping authors to become better known, and if you say nice things about us, you will be sprinkled in lucky fairy dust.

If you don’t, Paula has some stinky dragons on standby.

© Val Portelli April 2022.

2 thoughts on “The Making of ‘Weird and Peculiar Tales.’

  1. All true! And in fact the book includes a ‘slightly’ fictional accurate description of our first encounter in ‘Penfriends’! It’s been a hoot working with you. Or should I say howl? And here’s to another glass of royalties soon.


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