About me -The person behind the page

I am a writer and an author. I love saying that!
A few years ago a freak accident left me hospitalised, housebound, gazing at the ceiling and going stir crazy after being accustomed to a hectic lifestyle.
Unable to pursue my 9-5 job, I resumed writing which I had always loved, but which had been on the back burner while I earned a normal living.

sun peeking-over-rainbow 29.2.16 Tribulations are only opportunities in disguise.

The publication of my first book ‘Changes,’ was a milestone which helped to keep me sane during those difficult times.
Changes Trailer


I’ve now caught the bug, and started a new career with a steep learning curve to catch up with technology, social media and all things authorish.

My second book ‘ABC Destiny’ was published at the end of September 2015. It has now been republished as an eBook with a new cover. The paperback will follow shortly.  

ABC Destiny cover   6.12.15ABC final ebook cover 13.8.18

2017 saw me become an ‘Indie’ when I self-published my third book ‘Spirit of Technology.’

Spirit of Technology 30.7.17

The summer of 2018 has seen the publication of a collection of short stories ‘Weird and Peculiar Tales’ with a fellow author who has become a close friend.  

Weird and Peculiar tales 31.3.18

In March 2018  ‘Just a Waitress’ was accepted for publication in an anthology of short stories entitled Flashpoint.

Flashpoint covercropped 30.4.18

You can check out all my books on my Amazon author pages:
Amazon author page UK
Amazon author page US and International

During the autumn/winter of 2018 I will be re-issuing some of my books following a change of publisher. In case of difficulty with availability please contact me on:

Voinks@hotmail.co.uk  or

I am currently working on proof reading my latest novel, ‘Murder of Changes’ at 100,000 words my longest to date, as well as publishing a novella ‘TJ Story of a Country Boy’ later in 2018. 

Meanwhile I publish a new short story every week, normally on a Friday evening, on my Facebook page Facebook author page
in addition to the short stories and guest blog posts here.

Please check them out, give the page a ‘like’ and share the link with anyone who might enjoy reading them. 

The greatest inspiration for any writer is to know people enjoy reading their work. To paraphrase a certain robot ‘Feedback, Feedback, I need Feedback.’ 😀
Please feel free to comment, either here or on Facebook.

A review of my books on Amazon would be icing on the cake.
Book cake 15.2.16

I’m still a novice on all things bloggish and would welcome any suggestions, either for improving the site, or themes for stories you would like me to write for you.
Free, gratis and for nothing.  
The only ‘charge’ would be spreading the word to encourage others to read my work. 😀 

Thanks for listening.



3 thoughts on “About me -The person behind the page

    1. It’s great when I have to approve a comment and know I can say OK without having to think twice.
      Lovely to see you here Grace, and all the best with your new blog. 😀 x


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