Books by Voinks/Val Portelli

Weird and Peculiar Tales

Amazon UK       

Weird and Peculiar tales 9.5.18 A compilation of fantasy short stories.


Spirit of Technology

Amazon UK e-book         Amazon UK paperback

Spirit of Technology 30.7.17 An usual story of what happens when cyber space and a young woman in the modern world overlap.


ABC Destiny

Amazon UK eBook          Amazon US eBook

ABC Destiny cover   6.12.15ABC final ebook cover 13.8.18  Six characters whose lives become entwined when Kismet takes a hand.          Revised edition



Amazon UK

Flashpoint covercropped 30.4.18 An anthology of various stories featuring a variety of authors.


We are in the process of reviewing and updating the following books under a new publishing imprint. If you have any questions regarding availability, please direct them to Quirky Unicorn Publications via the form below.  Thank you.     


Layout 1 A Romance combined with memories of living on a Mediterranean island and how minor daily events can provide an ever-changing outcome.



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