How to become an author in 20 easy lessons

It's done. My first attempt at self-publishing is complete and 'Spirit of Technology' is entered into the Amazon storyteller competition. All I need now are the reviews and I can start arranging the party on my new yacht.   😀 Meanwhile here's a little tutorial in case anyone thinks being an author is easy. Part …

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Writer’s support

Writing can be one of the loneliest professions. Even if we're not stuck away in the proverbial attic our quill pens or laptops are not the friendliest of company.  Luckily the 'family' of authors are one of the most supportive groups I've ever come across. Having been there, done that and bought the printing paper …

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Book Reviews and Pizza and Chips

My blog this week is in two parts. The first is to open a discussion on how authors can get reviews, and the second my usual short story. I'll be honest; I run the blog and my Facebook author page predominantly as a means of publicity for my two published books; 'Changes' (Amazon ref 1848972997) …

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Pesky Characters

One thing that has surprised me since I became ‘authorish’ is the amount of support you get from fellow writers. Not only do they provide inspiration but also practical help. My first two books ‘Changes’ and ‘ABC-Destiny’ were traditionally published, but for my next novel I am considering taking the self-publishing route. Discussing various aspects …

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ABC Destiny

I've been so busy writing short stories I've neglected 'promoing' (is that a word? It is now) 😀 my second published book ABC Destiny by Voinks. Available on Amazon Trying to think how to describe what my book is about I saw this brilliant review. Thanks so much everyone who takes the time to comment. …

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Time Traveller

The writing prompt was: A stranger approaches you. She tells you she's from the future and needs your help. What happens next?' It was intended to be a stand-alone but people wanted to read more  so I wrote Part 2 as a follow up.  You can read both below. Still they wanted more, so the third …

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Time Traveller Part 3

Writing prompt:  A stranger approaches you. She tells you she's from the future and needs your help. What happens next?'  This is the final part of my time traveller story. Make sure you read Parts 1 and 2 posted on the 14th March first.   Part 3. At first it was hard to take in what …

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