Things in the Night

This is a story I wrote for a competition. When I was writing it I didn’t expect it to take this direction, but then the characters probably didn’t either. What was that? Probably nothing, just me feeling spooked at being alone in the house. I was used to the bright lights of London, noise and …

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Chance Meeting

I enjoy entering short story competitions and this was one selected for publication by an online magazine recently.    ‘Excuse me, please, Madam. I look to find Road. You know where is please?’ ‘Let me see dear. Oh yes, I should do. I’ve lived there for nearly fifty years. Was there anyone in particular you …

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Love on the Rock

‘Where’s your accent from?’ ‘I’m from Malta.’ Where’s that? I’ve heard of it but not sure where it is.’ ‘Between Italy and Africa. In the middle of the Mediterranean.’ That was when I first fell in love with the man I was dancing with, and later the ‘Rock’ that was his homeland.   Our first …

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Beyond the Glass Part 1

This short story was inspired by the photo as a writing prompt for a competition. I hope you enjoy my interpretation. At last. For weeks I had been waiting for an opportunity to explore behind the mirror but there had always been someone around. If it wasn’t nurse fussing with my hair it was Mama …

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Star explorer postcard

I love entering short story competitions and find inspiration from hints, comments and photos on social media. This story came about from a writing prompt involving a postcard from a park.  I like to give my short stories a different twist so this is what I came up with.  From: Star explorer 857 To: Base Hi. …

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The Cafe

The inspiration for my short stories can come from anywhere; a chance remark or even a competition where the story has to relate to a prompt word or photograph. I'm delighted to say that The Cafe was a winning entry and has being published online. You can see the original photo which provided the inspiration …

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Winning author

Pending the release of my new book ABC Destiny due out in two weeks time, I've been writing various short stories. I found and entered the July short story competition run by Purple Pumpkin Publishing, and guess what? - I won! Not only great publicity for my next book, but I also received a cash prize, …

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