Inner strength

I wrote this story some years ago, but recently decided to post it on social media, before current world news made it strangely appropriate.  Several people asked for a follow-up; watch this space for developments. 😉   Johnny had always been a wimp, which was not surprising considering his upbringing. His father walked out when …

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Alien BEM

The recent discovery of new planets which could support life reminded me of this story I wrote a few years ago. I firmly believed there could be other civilisations living on alternative planets, and was proud to be involved in the development programme to reach beyond the stars. We managed to create transportation to finally …

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Earth Report

Steampunk definition: A genre of science fiction typically inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology.  I have adapted the original story as a reflection on the recent atrocities.   Aeons have passed since we had our first inkling of the existence of ‘Earth.’ Our technicians had worked out the mathematics, and in …

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