Childhood Memories

A prompt on a writer's group about childhood memories brought to mind funfairs on the town common when I was a teenager. I didn't expect it to take this turn but as usual the characters took over with an ending I wasn’t expecting.  I was lost. As it had been over forty years since my …

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Island of Dreams

It looks as if the very 'Un-English' summer is over for this year, but we can still dream of sun, sea and well.. read for yourself . 😀 The invigorating warmth tingled on my sun-kissed body as I lay on the deck, the gentle fresh breeze keeping me cool and comfortable. The chef had excelled …

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End of the Road Part 1 and Publication day gifts

One disadvantage of being self-published is that you have no publishing company sending you gifts to celebrate the release of your new paperback. How wonderful then, to receive this in the post from a supporter.  Fizz, chocolates and books. What more could you ask for?   Only friends and a safe home- which is the …

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