From the corner of my eye

Another in my Random words series where I am given 5 words to weave into a story. The words were Love, Leg, Spin, Bucket and Mirror. I hope you enjoy it. You know that feeling when you see something in your peripheral vision but as soon as you spin round it disappears?  It had been …

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A newbie writer on an author's site I belong to had hit the proverbial Writer's block, and someone suggested he pick one of the following prompt words to get him motivated; Mushroom, South, Memory, Silence, Leaves, Letters, Flash Fiction, The city, Spirit, “It was a wrong number that started it,” Path, Movement. Being industrious (translation stubborn) I couldn't resist writing a story incorporating ALL the words …

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Where the heart is

A great incentive to writing is when readers throw you  5 random words and challenge you to come up with a short story. Apart from being great fun they make every story unique. Last year I wrote several which I published on my Facebook  author page I've recently had a new challenge with the words …

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