Kicking energy

I’m seldom short of ideas for writing my stories, only time. However, I can’t resist a challenge, and when I was prompted to use one of the following words in a story, I had to include all of them! 😀 Anonymous, Faceless, Grey, Sunlight, Attention, Secret, Purpose. Warning: This story contains minor elements of domestic …

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Trick or Treat

It's a shame when bullies turn a fun tradition into a frightening experience for the elderly, but beware - sometimes all is not as it seems. 😀  ‘Did you get the box of sweets as I asked you?’ ‘I told you, we’re getting too old for all that rubbish. Anyway, the kids round here are …

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End of the Road Part 1 and Publication day gifts

One disadvantage of being self-published is that you have no publishing company sending you gifts to celebrate the release of your new paperback. How wonderful then, to receive this in the post from a supporter.  Fizz, chocolates and books. What more could you ask for?   Only friends and a safe home- which is the …

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