My beautiful Labrador had been my constant companion since he was a puppy, but things changed when Greg moved in as my lodger. The big, old house that had been my family home was too expensive to maintain on my own, but with six bedrooms was perfect as a bed and breakfast or for …

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Mary Poppins and other words

I love writing challenges and this was a fun one for my 5 Random words series. The words I was given to incorporate into a story were; Supernatural, Crime, Tulips, Mary Poppins and Jelly babies. It was finally Spring and the daffodils and tulips were raising their smiling faces to the heart-warming sun. After all the …

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Book Beasts

There are millions of books available so to get noticed authors rely on positive reviews from readers, and publicity from bloggers. I am lucky enough to have such support so this post is by way of a thank you to a lady who joked about her two dogs being featured. Take a bow boys. 😀 …

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A tail of love and life

Although I wrote this about a year ago it still brings a lump to my throat whenever I read it. This is my sentimental anniversary week so I hope you will forgive me and enjoy the story.  For reasons which will become obvious there is no accompanying picture for this one A tail of love …

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