Venus, Vs, and Books and winegums

How long is a story? Although there are guidelines, it varies by genre and even the experts don’t always agree. You might say 50,000 words or a certain number of pages, but then there are Drabbles, exactly 100 words excluding the title, ones using 33 words, and a myriad of other forms.   Add to …

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Love Notes and illiteracy

The ability to read and write is often taken for granted, but have you ever stopped to consider what it must be like? Over the years I've know several people who for various reasons were illiterate, and it's helped me understand a little of the daily trials they face. Do you want to know which train …

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I was trying to concentrate on proof reading my next book today when I was interrupted. At least it provided inspiration for this Drabble. (A short story of 100 words exactly.)   Definition of a Robot 'A person who works mechanically without original thought, especially one who responds  automatically to the commands of others.'   I love being a robot. Ring, ring. Pick up the phone, but say nothing. Silence, …

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