Crazy aunt presents

There's always one friend or relative who comes up with a weird idea of what would make a suitable present. This story was inspired by a prompt from a writing group where a favourite aunt forgets to check the small print before pressing the 'Buy now' button.  😀 Dear Aunty Bessie. Thank you so much …

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Honky Tonk Angel

Inspiration for new stories can come from anywhere. A photo of a gentleman's club in the days of prohibition and an advert for tracing old friends set off this train of thought.  I nearly didn’t recognise her. Could this be the same plump little girl with fly-away hair who followed me around like a puppy …

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The Graveyard. Happy New Year.

It's been an interesting year. I've published my third book- my first attempt at self-publishing, been a guest on several book bloggers' sites, written and posted over fifty short stories, and learnt a lot about the world of being an established author. Plans for the New Year include setting up my own publishing imprint, collaborating …

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