Ectoplasmic Road rage

A short story followed by the answer to last week's question, and a new teaser about another of my characters.  Everyone these days has a multitude of gadgets, but have you ever considered the problems they cause from an alternative point of view? It used to be easy being a ghost. We’d drift around in …

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‘Weird and Peculiar Tales,’ Remembering, and Laundry fairies.

It’s that time of year when ghosts walk, ghouls wander the earth and laundry fairies get up to mischief. Wait, that doesn’t sound quite right. All will be revealed, but first a very short story. Remembering. Even though I hadn’t visited the house for over fifty years, I found my way easily along the pitch-black path …

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Enchanting other worlds -Andrew’s story

I have been away with little Internet access so apologise for the delay while I've been catching up with posts.   Nevertheless, I was delighted to be a blogger's featured guest (or rather one of my characters was) and you can hear what he had to say by clicking on the link below.  Andrew's story Thank …

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