Ectoplasmic Road rage

A short story followed by the answer to last week's question, and a new teaser about another of my characters.  Everyone these days has a multitude of gadgets, but have you ever considered the problems they cause from an alternative point of view? It used to be easy being a ghost. We’d drift around in …

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Characters, genres and inspiration

You probably realise by now that I write in a variety of genres and formats. Following the recent release of my latest book I’ve been concentrating on marketing and publicity, and it occurred to me that as a writer, how little time I actually spend, well, writing!  Inspiration is never a problem, fitting everything into …

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You don’t bring me flowers

The duet by Redent Falzon and Marlene Chetcuti was the inspiration for this story. If ever you are in Malta check them out. A lovely song, beautifully sung. I wasn’t impressed the first time I met him. He was with a bunch of cronies in the pub, and they were loud and obnoxious. …

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