Free Doves

A writers’ group meeting can be a great source of inspiration for a new story, although in this instance the usual disclaimer ‘This is a work of fiction’ might be appropriate.  😀  Is there anything more inspiring than the majestic sight of pure white doves soaring into the blue sky? When the service finished, I …

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Cupcake adventure

As often happens when I'm chatting to fellow authors, I got encouraged to extend two throw-away lines into a short story. Obviously cupcakes lead to exciting adventures so this was the result. In case you're wondering, I was told I had to include 'sausages.'  ‘You know what? I’m tired of working here; I think it’s …

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A newbie writer on an author's site I belong to had hit the proverbial Writer's block, and someone suggested he pick one of the following prompt words to get him motivated; Mushroom, South, Memory, Silence, Leaves, Letters, Flash Fiction, The city, Spirit, “It was a wrong number that started it,” Path, Movement. Being industrious (translation stubborn) I couldn't resist writing a story incorporating ALL the words …

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