Love Notes and illiteracy

The ability to read and write is often taken for granted, but have you ever stopped to consider what it must be like? Over the years I've know several people who for various reasons were illiterate, and it's helped me understand a little of the daily trials they face. Do you want to know which train …

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Don’t give up the night job

A very short story this week, (which could be described as 'flash' fiction 😀 ), as I am working to meet deadlines for the books I am hoping to release by the Spring. This story might not be suitable for children.  It was a struggle earning enough to pay the bills, find the rent and …

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Cupcake adventure

As often happens when I'm chatting to fellow authors, I got encouraged to extend two throw-away lines into a short story. Obviously cupcakes lead to exciting adventures so this was the result. In case you're wondering, I was told I had to include 'sausages.'  ‘You know what? I’m tired of working here; I think it’s …

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Christmas Miracle

It's cold and damp out but I'm warm and safe indoors. All I need to do is turn the heating up a bit, or have a warm bath. Others are not so fortunate, but I do believe in miracles.  Memories of last year crept into my thoughts; sneaking her present under the Christmas tree, the …

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Off a lorry

For anyone not familiar with the expression, it’s a humorous way of implying that something was obtained in a dishonest or not totally above-board way. I’m not trying to pretend I was an Angel but then I wasn’t the biggest villain in the world either. When I was a kid I got up to the …

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Family dispute

Although I live in London, Foxes are a regular visitor to my garden, and it's fascinating to watch them and identify their different characters. Recently it looked as if one couple had had an argument, so perhaps this is a true story. 😀  Typical male, finds a good thing and wants to keep it to …

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That’s what friends are for. Part 2

Continuing the story of Joseph and Sebastian. Warning. This does contain some swearing, and sexual content. If you missed Part 1 you will find it on my post of the 8th October Fate must have been on my side. A few days later Joseph phoned me but for once it didn’t involve Sebastian; at least …

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