Not Fade away

This week has been Dementia awareness week, so this story, continuing my theme for short stories based on song titles seemed appropriate. The Rolling Stones released a version in 1964  but this story takes rather a different track- tissues at the ready. Today was one of her good days. Underneath her frail body the beautiful …

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You don’t own Me

Another of my series of stories inspired by song titles. I remember loving this when I was young, and hearing it recently on a TV advert inspired this short story.  ‘You’re not going out looking like that. For God’s sake woman, you look like a tart. It’s bad enough you’re off gallivanting with your daft friends, …

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The New NHS and ABC review

The UK are lucky to have the NHS, with junior doctors and nurses working unbelievably long hours, in stressful conditions for little pay. However, another hospital visit this week has opened my eyes (literally) 😀 to how a little common-sense instead of nonsensical  regulations, could drastically improve the lot of both patients and staff. The …

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