Coincidences, Luck and Memories

I like to try and keep my blog posts fresh, which includes switching and changing from short stories, a bit of marketing, and general waffle about anything which catches my attention during the week. Normally I would have posts prepared a week or so in advance, but I’ve been going demented the past week or …

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Book locations

A book blogger mentioned recently about running a series on books set in specific locations. It started me thinking about my own books, and the times and places where they were set. ABC Destiny The date is indeterminate but it follows the story of Delphine, the illegitimate daughter of an English member of the aristocracy, …

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Interview with TJ from ‘Story of a County Boy.’

As I mentioned the other week, an author friend sent me some questions to interview one of my characters. It was a great idea and inspired me to carry on with the sequel for the first book in the series which was called ‘Story of a Country Boy.’ The first book describes the adventures of …

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