Valentine’s day, birthday and Country Boy

There’s a lot happening this coming week. My latest book ‘Story of a Country Boy’ will be published on the 15th February.  😀  It’s a change from my usual style; a gritty tale of a young man’s dreams, as he leaves the restrictions of his small Mediterranean village, and heads for the bright lights and …

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You don’t bring me flowers

The duet by Redent Falzon and Marlene Chetcuti was the inspiration for this story. If ever you are in Malta check them out. A lovely song, beautifully sung. I wasn’t impressed the first time I met him. He was with a bunch of cronies in the pub, and they were loud and obnoxious. …

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Farewell 2018. Welcome New Year 2019

Traditionally at this time of year it’s an opportunity to look back, and count your blessings and achievements from the previous twelve months. On a personal note, my long-standing leg injury has become more problematical, but my eye sight has been helped by a cataract operation. Next year should see the other eye sorted, so …

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