I’ll meet you at midnight

I was reminded of this great record from the 70s recently, which was the inspiration for today's short story. I had finally fled from an abusive relationship, and against my better judgement allowed some friends to drag me off to a New Year’s Eve party at a hotel. My self-confidence was at rock bottom and …

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I used to be an Archer, and a friend challenged me to write a story incorporating Archery and Vampires. 😀 This was the result. I hope you like it. Vanda was hungry, very hungry. This wasn’t surprising as she hadn’t hunted for days, and even that had come close to being a disaster. Normally, as …

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How to become an author in 20 easy lessons

It's done. My first attempt at self-publishing is complete and 'Spirit of Technology' is entered into the Amazon storyteller competition. All I need now are the reviews and I can start arranging the party on my new yacht.   😀 Meanwhile here's a little tutorial in case anyone thinks being an author is easy. Part …

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‘ABC Destiny’ -Book signing

My first Book signing. Excited, nervous, panicking and looking forward to it, all jumbled together. At least the problem of what to wear (well, I am female) 😀 has been solved. With the builders over-running,  all my clothes are still buried in black sacks under piles of rubble. Plaster-coated trackies and dressing gown it is then. Perhaps …

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Happy Book Birthday

30th September 2015 Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday dear book, Happy birthday to you. I’m delighted to announce the release of my new book ABC Destiny by Voinks Now available on Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/ABC-Destiny-Voinks/dp/1784556963 in paperback, hardback and e-book formats. A few requests please: 1) Buy it 2) Enjoy it 3) …

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