ABC Destiny extract

Health appointments have left little time for writing this week, so for a change I thought you might be interested in reading an extract from one of my books.  At the moment the revised version is only available in Ebook format until the migration of Createspace to Kindle Publishing is completed. It seem to have …

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Mermaid’s day and ‘Weird and Peculiar Tales’ paperback.

I'm delighted to announce our latest book 'Weird and Peculiar Tales' is now available in paperback format. Thanks to all our American friends for the 4th July fireworks to help us celebrate. 😀  You can find it here: Weird and Peculiar Tales UK Weird and Peculiar Tales USA Staying in fantasy mode, I spent some …

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‘ABC Destiny’ -Book signing

My first Book signing. Excited, nervous, panicking and looking forward to it, all jumbled together. At least the problem of what to wear (well, I am female) 😀 has been solved. With the builders over-running,  all my clothes are still buried in black sacks under piles of rubble. Plaster-coated trackies and dressing gown it is then. Perhaps …

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