Crystal Palace

After my local team's narrow defeat in the F.A. Cup last week against Manchester United it started me reminiscing about the area. For those outside the UK this might not make much sense but here are a few snippets of useless information about Crystal Palace, which is in South East London. First of all there is no …

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The Trials of youth

Another in my 5 Random words series. The words selected for me to use in a story were; Road-trip, moose, hippies, tractor, police.   John Anderson sometimes reminisced about the road-trips of his youth when he lived in Canada. He remembered the 60s, a dozen hippies in a beaten up van, driving round the country …

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Bed socks and broomsticks

It's surprising how everyday comments and events can be the inspiration for a story.  Have you encountered the 'missing sock' syndrome, or visited a preserved property and been intrigued by the gadgets of yesteryear?  If so this story is for you. Photos courtesy of Paula Harmon. National Trust property Kingston Lacey.  Lacey was excited. Grandma …

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