Penny for the guy

Having been brought up in Britain where Guy Fawkes night was a long standing tradition, I though some of my International readers might be interested in a little of the background. As usual one of the characters took over and it ended up as a short story.  😉  In the run up to Guy Fawkes night …

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Porridge, Nuclear and Pickaxe

An interesting writing challenge is to incorporate Random Words into a short story. In this case the words were Porridge, Nuclear and pickaxe.  Even though it had been brewing for years, when the nuclear attack happened it was not as expected. Social media was rife with rumours but there was little on the TV news. Most …

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Inner strength

I wrote this story some years ago, but recently decided to post it on social media, before current world news made it strangely appropriate.  Several people asked for a follow-up; watch this space for developments. 😉   Johnny had always been a wimp, which was not surprising considering his upbringing. His father walked out when …

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Aftermath- The end and the beginning

Recent politics have reminded me of the concerns over Nuclear war when I was a kid. From my research I was amazed at the number of dates predicting the end of the world. Everything from 66 AD to 7.59 billion years time so I guess we should be alright for a while yet. 😀 Everyone …

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