Family Tree

Have you ever tried to trace your family tree? If you go back far enough you could discover your ancestors were royalty, or more likely convicts. 😀 It's a theme woven into the book I'm working on at the moment, provisionally entitled 'Murder of Changes,' which I hope to release early next year. Meanwhile, here's …

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ABC Destiny extract

Health appointments have left little time for writing this week, so for a change I thought you might be interested in reading an extract from one of my books.  At the moment the revised version is only available in Ebook format until the migration of Createspace to Kindle Publishing is completed. It seem to have …

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Weird and Peculiar Tales -The Story behind the book.

Sometimes the story behind the novel can be a source of interest. With this in mind I decided to write an occasional blog explaining the background to one of my published books. The first describes how this compilation of short stories with a fellow author came about. After the publication of my first book, my …

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