Trick or Treat

It's a shame when bullies turn a fun tradition into a frightening experience for the elderly, but beware - sometimes all is not as it seems. 😀  ‘Did you get the box of sweets as I asked you?’ ‘I told you, we’re getting too old for all that rubbish. Anyway, the kids round here are …

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Dragon’s revenge

This was inspired by a prompt asking how the main characters in a novel first meet. Rather than respond with the facts from my current novel in progress it seemed logical to introduce a dragon.  This is his story. It had turned into one of those days. First I got up late, then rushing my …

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Bed socks and broomsticks

It's surprising how everyday comments and events can be the inspiration for a story.  Have you encountered the 'missing sock' syndrome, or visited a preserved property and been intrigued by the gadgets of yesteryear?  If so this story is for you. Photos courtesy of Paula Harmon. National Trust property Kingston Lacey.  Lacey was excited. Grandma …

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