Weird and Peculiar Tales- Here be dragons

By the time you read this, I shall hopefully be lazing on a beach somewhere, cocktail in hand and totally brain dead, so it seemed a good idea to schedule something in advance. 

My fellow author and good friend, Paula reminded me it is the first birthday of our anthology of short stories so this blog is dedicated to weird and wonderful readers everywhere.Weird and Peculiar tales 31.3.18

It’s hard to believe a year has passed since we were battling with metatags, story layout and cover design, but the end result was well worth it. As you might expect, the stories are in the fantasy genre, but cover a wide range of subjects and word lengths.

‘Here be dragons.’

Research shows this was a phrase frequently used by cartographers in the 1700s to warn people about dangerous areas on uncharted territories, where sea monsters were believed to exist. Here be also mermaids, unicorns, fairies, gremlins, rabbits, cows, cats, and even Santa puts in an appearance.

We originally thought of calling the collection ‘Twig Boy,’ (yes, there’s even a story about him), and spent some time trawling existing titles to come up with something original which still reflected the contents.

When Paula produced version eight million and two of the cover design I knew immediately that was the one.

Since then we have both published other works in various genres, and are working individually on our next books (which might, or might not, involve romantic heroines and Roman soldiers.)

Meanwhile, I continue to post short stories on my Facebook author page in between hassling my cover designer with my latest ideas for my next book.

Voinks Facebook author page

Happy book birthday to us.

Let there be cake.  W and P book-cake-15-2-16 for 23.6.19

Amazon UK Weird and Peculiar Tales
Amazon US Weird and Peculiar Tales

© Voinks May 2019

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