The End

Picture the scene. You’re a lonely writer, slaving away by candle-light in a spider-bedecked freezing attic. (OK, I write fiction) 😀 And then you meet other authors slaving away by candlelight in their own… well you get the picture. And then, you don’t feel alone as you make new friends. And then, they ask you to …

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At the back of the cupboard

I would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter. In typical British fashion it's been pouring with rain non-stop here, which reminded me of the things you tend to do when you're stuck indoors.  There's lots happening on the publishing front at the moment. For me, writing is the easy bit; it's everything …

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Pesky Characters

One thing that has surprised me since I became ‘authorish’ is the amount of support you get from fellow writers. Not only do they provide inspiration but also practical help. My first two books ‘Changes’ and ‘ABC-Destiny’ were traditionally published, but for my next novel I am considering taking the self-publishing route. Discussing various aspects …

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