Val’s Tales and Aliens

The production of our Val’s Tales YouTube channel has kept us sane in what has turned into a Christmas to suit the rest of 2020. Bah Humbug. Despite everything thrown at us, the second storycast hit the waves this week. In total contrast to last week’s story this one is a little bit of silly to lighten the mood. You can listen in here:

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I hope you all had a good Christmas. Here in London, UK plans were scuppered left, right and centre. Some of it can be blamed on that which shall not be mentioned, other things were such a comedy of errors they deserve their own short story. Now that’s an idea. 😀 Watch this space. To borrow a book title from an author friend ‘Strangely, I’m still here.’

The Narrator for Val’s Tales, Wendi Walker is also an actress, and their satirical play was scheduled for the six nights before Christmas. Due to the lockdown tickets were sold for the production to be online. Insider secret; after her first few lines the connection failed and although she was able to follow the script, her appearances were not visible to the audience. Just as well she was playing a ditsy scientific advisor who didn’t understand technology. Guessing at timing and supported by the rest of the cast it received rave reviews as the audience thought it was part of the act. The show must go on.

It’s now officially time to rename Covid-19 as Gremlins 2020.

What’s up next?

My next book, ‘Murder of Changes’ has been languishing for years but is finally finished and out to beta readers so it can be released in early January. Cue my professional email showing me the first line of emails received but not opening as I ‘have no Internet connection.’ 😳
Not true as everything else works perfectly well but the gremlins have decided this is next on their most important list of things to attack.

Conspiracy theory number eight million and eleventy eleven.

Aliens have invaded and are destroying earth by driving everyone loopy-loo with frustration. Despite all the things wrong with our world today, they haven’t realised just how supportive the average human can be when the chips are down. We have whinged, argued and got heated on social media about insignificant things but the other side of the coin are the unsung heroes who are there behind the scenes.

You might never hear their names but responses on a local community site for pleas for help from the other side of the world, for an elderly relative who is isolated has put some dust in my eye. Total strangers saying ‘I will pop in and check on him/her,’ ‘Tell me what they need and I’ll buy and deliver it,’ ‘Here’s my number, what do you want done?’ has shown the true spirit of Christmas and humanity in general.

Eat your heart out gremlins and aliens. Yes, humanity has its faults but 2021 is ours.

Happy New year everyone. x

© Val Portelli December 2020


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