Author Interview

There are so many different outlets for authors to try and publicise their books, it’s difficult to decide which ones to use.

Blog, web site, Facebook author page, Twitter, Amazon author page, You Tube – I have all of these but keeping them up to date can take up all the hours which should be devoted to writing my next book.

Add in newsletters, other social media, podcasts and insignificant things like eating and sleeping and it’s easy to let procrastination become king. This was brought home to me recently when I spent some time in hospital with no Internet access, and surprisingly the world didn’t stop because I didn’t post a new short story. It might have been the algorithm gremlins having a hissy-fit because I neglected them, but catching up I couldn’t see that I had missed much either.

Having said that, the number of people liking or commenting on my posts was down on the usual average, but the number of good wishes from my personal page was substantially increased. Thanks to you all, it really does help with motivation.

Recently, I have been trying to obtain feedback of follower’s preferences from the various platforms, but it seems every reader has a different favourite. A new avenue for me is as a guest on a live Facebook broadcast. If I totally muck it up you can assume it was deliberate just to show how good the others have been.

Please join me on Wednesday 28th April at 1.30 p.m. UK time,

As always thanks for stopping by. See you soon with the new and improved or the old and decrepit, whichever wins the vote.

© Val Portelli April 2021

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