George and Mary

Is it sad when a comedian laughs at his/her own jokes or is it a sign they are actually funny?

As you might know by now, as well as my published books, I also write short stories in a variety of genres. Although they are fictional, many of them have a basis in fact as in this conversation between George and Mary. Although the couple who originally inspired the sketch are no longer around, I can picture the setting clearly, and it still makes me giggle. 😀

Listen in to ‘Val’s Tales’ on any of the platforms below and let me know what you think. There are normally new podcasts every two weeks, released on Tuesdays.


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I try to vary the weekly blog to include written stories, links to audio stories, hints or suggestions on writing, and anything else which comes to mind. Just for a change, next week might be a short story which I have been told is more appropriate for children than adults. One advantage of being an author is you don’t have to grow-up, so feel free to read it unless I have a change of plan, and come up with something completely different.

Before my writing career, I worked in banking and accounts. Sad I know, but old habits die hard and I regularly check to see which type of posts are the most popular. The answer is inconclusive, but it does show which regular visitors turn up, and by their likes and comments inspire me to keep posting. Sincere thanks to you all.

See you next week girls and boys.

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