Hanging out and Flashpoint

This week has been somewhat manic, but also one of those times which makes being authorish worthwhile.

I was delighted to ‘hang out’ with the Haphazardous Hippo, and the Unicorns were very well behaved. You can find out what I mean, and read the full story by clicking on the ‘Hanging Out’ link below. 😀
Did you know Unicorns and Hippos were related?

Hanging out

Hippo Blue 11.3.18 animal-21899_1280                unicorn in forest cropped 11.3.18 -1981219_1280

As a contributor to the just released Flashpoint compilation I can now officially call myself a ‘best-selling’ author. The book of short stories reached No 1 on Amazon in France for the category, and No 5 in Canada under Hot New Releases. 

Flashpoint cover 9.3.18 28871105_10157369598498747_389581280526734830_n

Sometimes you just have to do a Happy Dance.

Voinks author pages



See you next week and thanks for dropping by.

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