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Running a regular weekly blog takes up a fair amount of time. I love writing the stories, but it proves quite difficult trying to analyse which genre readers enjoy most, or if they would prefer more variety. Apart from actually writing and publishing the posts there’s the need to follow up, so I have a dedicated email address which provides notifications for both blogs I follow, and those who visit mine.

blogger wordpress 8.9.19

It’s always a delight when I see a regular supporter has liked my latest post, and week after week they come back to read more. I know who you are, but you probably have no idea how much it means to me to see your name appear. It really does make it all worthwhile so a sincere thank you.

Although the admin involved in keeping a database up to date is time consuming, it does help to avoid repetition and provides an overview of what works, and what needs improvement. I also make a point of checking out the blogs of people who have taken the trouble to like or comment on my posts. Some don’t have English as their first language, but I love the way technology has made sharing so international, and it’s fascinating learning about other cultures and nationalities.

Do not feed the trolls 8.9.19

Not on my list of favourites are the trolls, scammers and junk artists. My blogs are mainly book or writing related, but I’m fine with bloggers whose interests are cooking, travel, animals or even just chatting about their lives. However, this week alone there were around 30 who only had an email address, or had no blog, profile or other information. What is the point? It’s such a waste of time when after investigation they are blocked and deleted. Such sad little lives if they can’t find anything better to do. At least the ones trying to con you or sell you something have some sort of purpose.

On a brighter note, in July I was delighted to be Camilla’s guest for her ‘Meet the author’ feature. Recently I learnt our interview was the second most popular for the whole of that month. In case you missed it, here are the links:

For authors struggling to be heard above the noise, book bloggers are worth their weight in gold. It’s even more amazing when bloggers are authors themselves, and take time out of their writing schedule to support their fellows. One such is Richard Dee, who regularly features Indie authors on his ‘Indie Showcase’ feature. I had the pleasure of being his guest this month, and you can read all about it here. Thank you, Richard.

Part of the reason for a change of theme this week is that I am preparing a short story for a ‘Help for Heroes’ anthology. Although in its very early stages, the book is expected to be released in time for the Christmas market. All authors and the organisers are contributing without payment, and royalties will be donated to the charity in perpetuity. More news in the next month or so.

Finally, the stages for the republication of my book ‘Changes,’ probably under the new title of ‘Summer Changes, Winter Tears,’ are progressing slowly. It’s missed the summer deadline, but hopefully will be ready in time for the dark, winter nights.

Back to the usual short story next week. See you then, and please feel free to comment on the type of blog post you prefer to see. Thanks. 

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5 thoughts on “Bloggers and Blaggers

  1. A really good post,Val. And I agree with all you wrote. So many takers . Blogging is easy? Maybe some of the time but when friends tell me they love the last tale it’s worthwhile. But they are in the minority as most never contact me. We offer our work for free yet most readers take it for granted. Keep up the good work- make millions-and I’ll send the first begging letter. P.S Do you get paid for adverts on your site? Sorry, being a bit cheeky.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Thanks for your comment, Rick. I moved to a new address after I made my first million and the house was too small for all the begging letters. 😀
    No, I don’t get paid for the adverts and am not even sure what you see, although sometimes when I visit other sites I have a hard job reading the post through the mass of crap accompanying them.
    Let’s try an experiment. ‘RicknVal Authors’ 😜 If it works, you owe me big-time!

    Liked by 1 person

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